Melting Pot

Just Me?

A friend of mine “liked” this on facebook.  Said friend is someone who tends to be vocal about how open-minded they are,  but the truth is they are rather closed-minded.  They have a passive-aggressive way of going about things.  Don’t get me wrong. I still love this person.  I have known them quite a while and know they do ultimately have a good heart,  and for the most part we get along fantastically.  Sometimes, though,  they just really show how closed-minded they are despite their claims otherwise.

Link in question:

Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in this?  Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? If you didn’t bother to go to the link,  it is a story about “God” having billboards in a predominantly Mormon location that read “God loves gays”.

Let me be clear about something: I don’t care if you are gay, or not.  It’s your right to love whomever you choose.  I understand that for a long time being gay has been condemned as something terrible and even though recent years have brought big changes there are still a lot of anti-gay folks out there. That is never going to change. But now generally speaking society as a whole is far more accepting than it used to be.

But something like this is NOT the way to encourage understanding from those who feel being gay is wrong. It’s a total double standard: this “God” billboard is perhaps meant to say “Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make you right” but in the way it is done,  it is saying “What you believe in is wrong”. And really,  who is anyone to try to tell another person that their religious or spiritual beliefs are wrong?  Just as you have the right to be gay and love whomever you choose,  other people have the right to feel that such relationships are not appropriate.  You don’t have to like that that’s how they feel,  just like they don’t have to like that you prefer partners of the same gender.  You’re not right or wrong. Neither are they.  It boils down not to facts but opinions. 

These billboards are nothing but hate-inciting nonsense.  People are extremely emotional when it comes to certain topics. Their religious and spiritual beliefs among them.  Think about it.  What happens when you say something nasty about any given religion,  in front of someone who practices said religion?  With very few exceptions, they are going to take offense to it,  get riled up and go on the defensive.  They feel, rightly so,  insulted and perhaps even threatened.  These billboards aren’t going to do anything POSITIVE at all.  They’re just going to cause NEGATIVE reactions in people. 

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: You don’t fight hate with more hate; you fight it with love and compassion.


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