Melting Pot


I swear I am the queen of the klutzes. Last week I tripped and twisted my ankle in the yard,  but it wasn’t too bad.  Today I somehow managed to twist the same ankle while getting the mail.  I suppose I can blame the neighbors since I was in a rush to get to the mail box as soon as the mail man left, so that I knew all our mail made it to us. We weren’t able to get a locking box over the weekend so it will be a full week of the same rush to get to the mail as quickly as possible each day.  Hopefully we can get the locking box soon,  I’m liable to break an ankle rushing to and from the box. Neighbors from hell I tell you.

I was extra determined to get the mail immediately,  today,  because I knew there would be a pack of yarn waiting for me.  My sister was trying to get some new features working on her site and needed me to place a test order to see that things were working properly.  Usually with these events my order is seriously just a test order,  and my sister cancels it out and issues a refund.  She has some colors I have been really wanting,  though,  so while it was a test order it was also a legitimate one.


Top to bottom: Flamingo Bay (x2), Cherry Vanilla,  Be Still My Heart,  River Stones

As usual I don’t have specific plans for most of it.  River Stones is the only one that I chose for a specific pattern.  I have to get them all wound first,  of course.  I still haven’t invested in a ball winder yet.  I may try something I saw posted to facebook to make the process easier.  It could work or it could be a total disaster.  Maybe I will try it first with some cheaper acrylic yarn just to see that it works without risking ruining these beauties. 

I still haven’t gotten around to a post the needs made on the beauty blog asap. (Sponsored post about a nail color collection.) I ought to go get that done today so I can stop worrying about it. There is a little hiccup regarding the final sponsored post which I am waiting to hear from the company about. (Mascara and an eyelash curler.) Depending on how things go,  the nail color collection may be my final sponsored post there,  but for now the plan is for the mascara/eyelash curler post is to be the final sponsored post.

The weather is ridiculous right now. Yesterday was hot and humid almost to the point of being unbearable,  but today it is cold.  It wasn’t even 40°F when I got up this morning, and it is currently only 52°. It is supposed to remain cool for most of the week then Friday start warming up again. Craziness.

Rascal is feeling a bit under the weather today.  Hopefully she starts to feel better soon.  I will be keeping a close eye on her of course. 

I should get going so I can work on that beauty blog post.



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