Melting Pot

Monday Randoms

I had a reasonably nice weekend,  despite the couple unpleasant hiccups.  Friday afternoon was spent babysitting my youngest niece while my sister attended a parent-orientation at the elementary school where niece will be heading to kindergarten this fall.  Niece and I had a blast together,  playing various games and having a dance party,  and she gave us both (very vibrant) makeovers. Then once my sister returned from the school,  the three of us went out to lunch and did a little shopping.  After I toned down my makeup of course. The excessively bright pink spots on my cheeks and eyelids would not be nearly as acceptable in public on me as her bright pink cheeks,  blue eyelids,  and red lips.  lol

One of our stops was the state store,  and my sister paid me for my babysitting (and for a couple weeks worth of social media assisting) in booze,  since I don’t get the chance to buy such things myself very often.  As in pretty much never.  I am never sure what to get on such trips,  since I don’t consume alcohol too often I haven’t tried a heck of a lot and don’t know what I do and don’t like.  Since it is an expensive commodity I hesitate to veer away from what I know I like.  I selected a bottle of orange cream flavored vodka, which I had sampled before we left the house so I knew I would like it.  Then when I was about to grab some Long Island iced tea my sister suggested I try rum island iced tea instead.  I’ve yet to try that one but if it is similar to the LI then I am sure I will enjoy it.  My final selection was a bottle of wine.  I am not much of a wine drinker.  Granted I have only tasted a couple and most of them I haven’t cared for.  A couple have been good though. After careful consideration I opted for a reasonably priced rose wine – Barefoot (the brand name) Pink Moscato. Um.  YUM! I will definitely be getting this again!

In other non-exciting “news”, houseplants were purchased over the weekend. Just a couple.  I have wanted houseplants for years but with the cats it has never been possible.  No matter where the plants were placed the cats would not only access them to chew on the leaves,  but they would push the containers to the floor, making a mess,  breaking pots,  and killing plants.  They would even get on top of the fridge and the highest shelves,  using their feline ninja skills,  so there really was no safe place to keep any plants inside. Now that is no longer an issue,  so I have started my houseplant collection with an ivy plant,  silver philodendron, and two “air pendants” which each contain… Well I don’t know what is in them.  Something mossy looking and what looks like a type of small succulent maybe.  I’m not good with plants,  I don’t give a hoot what anything is called,  if it is pretty and hard to kill that’s all that matters.  The air pendants,  so named for the pots they are in not the plants themselves,  are so cool.  I wanted more than the two I got but they were $7 a piece so I settled for just the two.  They’re called air pendants because while they can stand freely,  they are designed to hang anywhere there is a place to hang them.  I’ve currently got the cords looped around the lamp bases on my dresser, since I don’t have lightbulbs in them and don’t have the power hooked up to use them anyway.


As my final note for this post,  today is Memorial Day here in the US.  I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the men and women who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, both past and present.  The words Thank You are terribly insufficient,  but there are simply no words that exist that could truly express the depth of my gratitude for all you, and your families,  have sacrificed. 



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