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My Dog, My Rules

I love that Rascal and the neighbor’s dog get along pretty well and that they can play together from time to time.

What I don’t love,  however,  is that my neighbor doesn’t seem to get that Rascal is my dog and therefore I am entitled to make the rules about what I am and am  not ok with allowing where she is concerned. 

When I took Rascal out for her bedtime potty tonight,  K was on his porch and naturally she wanted to go play.  I however was not OK with that for a couple reasons:

1. It’s dark.  I don’t like them running around when it is dark and I can’t see to keep an eye on them.  We live in a heavily wooded area – you never know what wild critters are lurking just out of sight. Hell it was just Friday night there was a fox in the yard during the night, making a meal of some other critter. If I can’t see where my dog is,  she isn’t allowed to play.  Sorry.  Nope.  Not happening.  I’d rather keep her where I can see her,  thank-you-very-much.

2. It’s late.  I’m tired. I have a headache and it is past the time we usually go to bed.  It was meant to be a quick out,  potty,  back inside kind of thing.  I’m not in the mood to stand around waiting,  paranoia kicking in since I can’t see my dog running around,  while they play. 

3. Their last play session,  which was not planned this morning it just happened much to my frustration, K was behaving in a manner I did not at all appreciate.  I prefer to keep Rascal as safe from harm as possible.  I know know I can’t protect her from everything all the time but you better believe if I can prevent her from being hurt in some way, I am going to do it. 

I had just managed to get Rascal to start heading back to our yard with me (she usually listens well but sometimes she gets overexcited and totally ignores me)  when P came out intending to let the dogs play a while.  At which point I may or may not have snapped.  I yelled for Rascal to get back over to me and said no playing,  explaining (perhaps in a bitchy tone…  I am not exactly patient any time but especially not when I am tired) it is late I have a headache and want to go to bed.  P reluctantly took her dog back inside,  then,  to make me getting Rascal to listen to me a little easier.  But as she stepped into her house she said in a not so understanding way “They miss each other Leah.”

No shit Sherlock.  I know that.  I’ve been keeping them from playing for several days to the best of my ability for a specific reason,  of which she was informed so she would know that play dates are not to happen for a while. It isn’t like I am just being a bitch – I have a legitimate reason concerning Rascal’s well-being. She knows this.  She just doesn’t care. 

At the end of the day, Rascal is my dog and I get to decide who she can socialize with,  when that happens,  and how long play dates last.  I reserve the right to cut a play date short if I feel either of the dogs is not behaving in an appropriate manner.  That’s just how it is.  If I am a bitch for trying my best to look out for my dog and do what is in her best interest,  fine. 

I’d had a fairly nice day.  Now I am going to bed grumpy.  I hate people. 


2 thoughts on “My Dog, My Rules

  1. You have every right to decide whats best for your dog. your neighbor needs to understand boundaries. Still though its nice the pups have each other to play with 🙂

    1. Yeah this neighbor doesn’t really get boundaries. She thinks any time I am outside with Rascal it is OK to let K out so they can play. I don’t mind unscheduled play dates sometimes, but sometimes I am in a hurry or I want to enjoy some outside time with Rascal myself. Between her and the group of neighbors who live on the other side of us, though, I would rather put up with her than them. They also lack a sense of boundaries, have zero respect for others, can’t mind their own business etc. Bunch of trouble makers who cause me nothing but stress. This is why I could never live in the city – enough neighbor troubles when in a rural spot with few of them. I couldn’t deal with being in a city with significantly more of them. Lol

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