Melting Pot


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fate of my beauty blog.  The past couple of years it has been harder and harder for me to keep it updated.  It isn’t that I don’t still love all the things I post about there.  I do.  But my preferences have changed – where I used to love playing around with crazy colors and bold looks,  I now prefer soft and natural makeup.  I still do nail art,  but rarely bother to photograph it to blog about it. 

Not to mention the makeup blogging game has changed over the last couple of years.  I used to think of myself as being fairly talented with makeup and nail polish. If I go back through old posts I can see how my skills grew and developed – but even at my best,  I’m talentless compared to many, many others. I know I know,  don’t compare yourself to others like that blah blah.  I am not saying oh poor me I suck – not at all.  I am simply saying that to keep a beauty blog alive,  you have to have far more talent and creativity for it than I possess.  I don’t totally suck with makeup – though my 14 year old niece can apply her eye liner far better than I ever could – but I am not really talented at it,  either, in terms of coming up with stuff that will keep a beauty blog alive and well. 

I also am totally not into the style of makeup that is so “in” right now.  I don’t fuss with my eyebrows.  I pluck a few stray hairs here and there as needed,  but when it comes to all the shaping and using brow pencils and gels and creams etc.  I just don’t CARE to use any of those things. I like my eyebrows just fine the way they are thank-you-very-much.  I don’t like heavy, caked on makeup.  I don’t care how lightweight anybody says it is,  highlight and contour is all the rage right now and it requires way more products and time than I am willing to deal with.  Most days I’m lucky to slap on some mascara and lipstick.  I am definitely not going to take time applying primer, foundation,  concealer,  highlighter,  contour products,  bronzer,  blush, and powder.  And that’s just for the face. That doesn’t include all the products used for lips and eyes, and the previously mentioned eyebrows.

It is expensive to be a beauty blogger.  New products hit the shelves on a regular basis, and readers want to know about them.  They don’t want to see new looks created with old,  discontinued products.  Many are brand snobs who only want to see high end brands.  I have a hard enough time convincing myself that $8 drugstore mascara (which is now about the cheapest it gets) is worth it. I can’t justify $20 mascara or $60 foundation,  $30 lipstick etc. 

I’ve put an awful lot into my beauty blog over the years.  People don’t realize just how much time goes into one post.  Between actually using products/creating looks,  photographing things,  making those photos ready for the internet,  the actual writing,  reading replying to and moderating comments (not that I get many these days), trying to figure out any technical issues that pop up… It is a full time job being a beauty blogger. One I don’t get paid for.  Sure I have ads on the blog,  though only a couple as I try to keep them to a minimum.  In all the years I have had ads on the blog, I have never made it to the $100 minimum cash out required for the ad program I use.  Unlike many other bloggers I don’t get money for my efforts. 

I’ve been writing my beauty blog for almost fifteen years – I started on Bravenet and moved to Blogger (back when they were still BlogSpot, before Google bought them out).  A lot of my life has been dedicated to my beauty blog,  regardless of the blogging service used to host it.  I had hoped for a long time that my beauty blog would be a gateway to someday having my own cosmetics line.  But it has been many years and I am no closer to that dream than I was when I first started my blog on Bravenet.  If anything,  I am further away from it.

I still have a couple sponsored posts to create. I’ve already agreed with the companies to do them,  and I will not back out of the agreements.  But I think that once those posts have been made,  I will be closing down the beauty blog for good. It will remain published,  so all the past content can be accessed by anyone who may stumble onto it and find it useful.  But I will no longer update it,  and all commenting will be turned off as I will no longer be moderating comments and do not want an abandoned blog filled with spam comments as often happens when a blog ceases to be active. 

It’s a hard decision to make. But it feels like the right decision,  and it is long overdue. It would be easy to blame the lack of home internet – blogging IS much more difficult without home internet. However,  if I am being totally honest,  the beauty blog was fading in importance to me long before my internet access was so limited. Yes,  it is past time for this decision. 


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