Melting Pot

Dear Facebook

Please stop “liking” pages on my behalf.  It is bad enough you pick and choose what I see from the pages I actually have “liked” and the people on my friends list,  but to try to tell me what I like?  No.  This is not the first time you’ve “liked” something for me,  and I see you “liking” things for my friends too.  (I know for a fact one of my male friends,  for instance,  has zero interest in Bobbi Brown cosmetics and would never have “liked” their page on his own.)


The “like” in question is this Tiffany Evans person.  She is apparently a “musician” – but based on the little I saw while on her page to unlike it (since,  you know,  I never even “liked” it in the first damn place) I guaran-fucking-tee her “music” is far from the kind of music I listen to. 

Stop fucking “liking” stuff for me, facebook.  You’re on my last nerve.


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