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Of Course

I love when people think you’re an asshole because you’re honest about something that should be common sense,  and you point out the obvious truths of a situation.

Yesterday someone posted a status to FB to the effect of she had been planning to go to the local Walmart but was glad she had decided against it because of a shooting that had happened.  Naturally this brought out some moronic comments but the one that riled me up and prompted my own comment was from someone who is (and hash tagged) anti Walmart offering up the brilliant insight (yes that was sarcasm) of “shop at Aldi or Shop n Save where it is safer.  People of Walmart (a reference to the popular site) should say it all.”

Sorry but I couldn’t reign in my thoughts after that. 

It wasn’t even in Walmart. Across the steet in the auto store. Unless my news is not giving the same story. Regardless the notion of being safer shopping somewhere besides a specific store is ridiculous. People commit crimes EVERYWHERE – that is not Walmart’s fault. You are not “safe” anywhere, even in your own home. People like to convince themselves they are safe but honestly, people are crazy and you never know what some random nutter might decide to do one day. The best you can do is arm yourself as you are comfortable, be it a gun or pepper spray or whatever, be knowledgable and responsible with your chosen protection, always be alert and observant, and be ready to protect yourself and innocent people around you if necessary.

This was the comment I felt compelled to leave in response.  Naturally nobody has “liked” it or responded in like.  But I didn’t expect anyone to.  I have known the person who posted the original status for about fifteen years and I know the crowd she hangs with.  They are of the “I live in a happy little bubble where everyone gets a trophy so feelings don’t get hurt,  guns are to blame not the person using them” mindset, where such truths are just unacceptable. The shooting was not random. It was personal.  It happened not in Walmart but down the road a bit and across the (4 lane) street at a (locally owned,  not a national chain) auto part shop. (Owned by a local councilman in fact.) If you want to blame Walmart for it then you’re going to have to blame all of the dozens of other stores and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the shopping plaza including but not limited to Aldi, K Mart,  Giant Eagle,  Ollie’s,  Staples,  Cosmo Prof,  Eat n Park,  Denny’s, Lowe’s,  Red Dawgs,  Domino’s, Game Center,  724 Hair Salon, PNC Bank,  Burger King,  Med Express,  Exon, Beer World, Rent-a-Center, the army recruiting center,  the notary office, the DMV…  I could go on but you get where this is going by now. We are discussing a major shopping center here. If one of the stores furthest away from where the shooting happened is to blame,  then certainly the stores and businesses closer to the one where the shooting happened are even more to blame.  What,  that makes no sense? Those stores had nothing to do with it,  you say? Well then, you (should) get my point. 

Gee.  So terribly sorry to have poked a hole in your precious bubble with the facts instead of opinions.  😒 I don’t give two hoots if you hate Walmart for whatever reason.  That is your right. But trying to blame them for things that don’t even have a thing in the world to do with them shows you’re just petty and stupid.  My tolerance for those two things is very low.  About as low as my tolerance for people who believe opinions mean more than actual facts and who don’t even bother to read a news story before forming their opinion on it. If it makes me a bitch to point out the obvious then I wear the label proudly. 


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