Melting Pot


Have you ever had a dream that you couldn’t shake? That made you question certain things you never questioned before,  about yourself and what you want from life? 

I’ve decided I like playing poker. The laptop I got for Christmas had a bunch of games preinstalled* and poker is among them.  I had put off trying that one for whatever reason but running out of options on what games to play I finally tried it over the weekend and found it to be enjoyable enough.  I downloaded the Android version of the game on my phone but promptly deleted it as in comparison to the PC version it sucks. Reasons being: ads during game play,  frequent interruptions of gameplay for video ads,  limited options available as compared to the PC version in terms of character customization, the Android version computerized opponents are set up in a way it is ridiculously difficult to win,  various aspects do not match the PC version.  I almost considered getting the paid version for my phone but looked at reviews and am glad I did because based on many reviews of the Android version even after you pay for the app it is set up in a way that you are constantly faced with a need to continue buying in-game currency to be able to play.  This is nothing like the PC version,  which requires no real money to progress through the game.

* All of the games are just trials with a limited number of playing sessions available to you before you have to purchase them to continue playing.

I got my sewing machine out today and got it cleaned up and ready for use.  Then promptly remembered why I had out it away in the first place.  I suck at sewing.  Lol I made a couple attempts at making what in theory should be a very simple project,  but each attempt ended up in the trash as complete failures. I’ll eventually figure it out.  I’m just going to have to go through a ton of thread and fabric to get there. 

I’ve had a stomach ache that doesn’t seem to want to go away the past couple of days.  I think I just have myself freaked out over some upcoming things and it is manifesting as a persistent stomach ache. Goody. 


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