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The Amazing Make-Ahead Baby Food Book by Lisa Barrangou, PhD 


I know what you’re thinking,  but let me stop you right there.  No, I am not pregnant.  So why would I want to get this book?  Simple. I thought it could prove useful in making my green smoothies.  And,  well…  I may not be pregnant right now and am not likely to ever be,  but you never know,  right?

This is a fantastic book.  While I am not the intended audience of new/soon-to-be parent,  even for my alternate use of green smoothies this is packed with useful information. All the bases are covered from selecting,  preparing,  and storing numerous fresh fruits and vegetables. The information provided is in-depth,  but not overwhelming.  It is presented in an easy to read format, with some nice color photographs to enhance the book.  I love the flavor compatibility chart. Knowing what flavors will go well together can be tricky and this serves as a great starting point.  I love that while the point of the book is encouraging healthy food habits (for babies) and getting away from processed foods,  the author also makes a point to note that there are times when the convenience of packaged foods from the store is OK. 

I think this would be a wonderful book for parents and soon-to-be parents who want to get their babies off to a good start with their food,  with minimal effort. Preparing your own foods for your baby this way is also a money saver,  so it’s great for parents on a budget.

If you’d like to learn more about this book,  click here.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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