Melting Pot

Weekend Randoms

I am still in a bit of a medicinal haze and am not quite over whatever bug grabbed hold of me,  but I am feeling a lot better.  Another couple days of rest and all should be well. 

I do need to go to Tractor Supply or Lowe’s today though for some snake repellant. In the past two days there have been as many encounters and I am not too thrilled about that. As much as I dislike it, if it is just me I can handle it.  Sort of.  Kinda.  OK I scream and run like a little girl.  Shut up. But I have the dog to consider,  and I couldn’t handle it if something happened to her.  Given that one of the encounters involved her wanting to play with the stupid snake,  I am not exactly eager to repeat the scenario.  If there is something I can do to safely and effectively discourage any more unwanted visitors I am going to do it. If only keeping nosy,  ignorant neighbors away were as simple as going to the store and buying a bag of something to treat the lawn with… 

I’ve read 18 books so far this year.  Not bad,  but not nearly as many as I used to read. The number could be higher but several books have been started and either abandoned because they were just that shitty or they have been put aside in favor of something else because they are not nearly as interesting as I expected them to be.  If I can get through 50 for the year I will consider it a successful year of reading.  I had the same goal last year but only managed to get through 40-some books. Not that it matters one way or another,  it is just a personal goal.

I’ve had to throw out a couple pairs of shoes recently and like a typical woman (shut up) this makes me want to go shoe shopping to replace them. In my defense I own much fewer shoes than most women.  Hell I know a few men who own more shoes than I do too.  I also wear them till they fall apart and CAN’T be worn anymore before I get rid of them. So replacing the recently tossed ones wouldn’t be completely unreasonable. I am not going to,  yet.  I just want to. :p Honestly though I probably should get rid of most of the shoes I have now as most of them are dress shoes.  Seeing as I never go anywhere that would require dress shoes anyway,  they are dust collectors.  I ought to find them new homes where they can be fully appreciated. I will think about it a while.  I have a hard time getting rid of them when I have only worn them a couple times.  Some I have never worn. I got them when I thought I was going to have more “going out” opportunities but things went a totally different direction than anticipated. Aka I got them because I knew a certain man would love to see me wearing them and then…  Well.  Self explanatory from this point. That’s pretty sad actually. šŸ˜•

Moving on.  As I said I need to go to the store today and since crowds irritate me I best get going before it gets too late. The later in the day you go out the more people you will have to deal with.  And for me that means get all errands dealt with as early in the day as possible while the crowds are sparse enough to be somewhat tolerable.


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