Melting Pot


FYI this post is going to fall into the TMI category especially if “feminine issues” make you uncomfortable. You’ve been warned.  If you keep reading and get weirded out or something that is entirely on you. 

People like to throw around periods as a joke for crabby behavior.  “Must be on [their] period! haha” – sorry,  I am not laughing.  As a woman who actually has to deal with it,  it is not amusing in the least. 

I get the sentiment behind the comment, but I wish people would come up with something else to get their point across.  Not all women have it bad when it comes to their periods.  But for some of us it is pure,  unadulterated misery from the first twinge of pms to the final day when we start to finally feel like ourselves again.

Gee, so sorry to be overly emotional or bitchy when it is that time of the month for me.  But you must understand,  pms and my period come with insomnia,  and not getting enough sleep will make anybody moody.  My entire body aches all over,  especially my back.  I get nasty headaches.  I get cramps so severe they can literally make me drop to my knees in pain when they hit. My hormones are all over the place. I feel sick to my stomach.  I am bloated and fatigued and just all around miserable. No, Midol and other pain relievers do not tend to help at all. I have to either wear uncomfortable pads/pantyliners or shove a stick of cotton (aka tampons,  if you’re too dense to get that) up my hoo ha to protect my clothing and bedding from getting bloody.  So yes,  with all things considered I am going to be bitchy and emotional during that time of the month.  You try dealing will all that crap in addition to all the normal stuff going on that comes with daily life and not becoming irritable and moody.

And heaven forbid you be so unfortunate as me to have a regularly irregular cycle so you can’t even accurately predict when the misery is going to hit so you can at least try to be prepared for it.

Nope.  Poking fun via “you must be on your period” is not the least bit amusing.  Be more creative with your insults,  or just be more direct and say “wow you’re cranky” and be done with it.  But don’t play the period card.  It is not funny,  and you are clearly either a man who has never had to deal with the misery or you are an extremely lucky woman to have never had an unbearable period. 


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