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Apple Roses

As previously mentioned,  a friend recently shared a video that a page had posted to facebook and I had to try what was shown in that video.  I did that this weekend. 


Apple roses!  How pretty are those?  And they are so much easier to make than you might think by looking at them! 

I probably could have used just one apple instead of the two called for in the recipe,  as I had quite a few slices leftover.  Since I had an extra sheet of puff pastry left as well,  I rolled out the puff pastry a bit and cut it into wedges as for croissants then spread them with butter, sprinkled them with cinnamon and brown sugar,  and rolled them up (again, as for croissants) with a couple of the leftover apple slices in each one.  (Sorry. Didn’t take pictures of those.  They were not nearly as pretty.)

I used some of my aunt’s peach jelly in place of apricot preserves.  I figured why spend the money on preserves if I have a suitable product already. 

One important note on prepping and cooking the apples: make sure you cut the apple slices very thin,  and as evenly as possible. I am not typically a stickler for cutting things evenly,  but in this case it really is necessary. If you accidentally cut a couple slices significantly thicker or thinner than the rest,  consider them a snack and just eat them. You don’t want thinner slices over cooking or thicker slices under cooking.  Overcooked apples have a very unpleasant texture,  whereas for this recipe under cooked slices will simply not work.  Whether you cook them in a microwave or on the stove,  check them frequently and just keep adding one or two minutes and cook them just until they have softened enough that you can roll them without them breaking. For me this took about seven minutes in the microwave,  but my microwave is only 900 watts so it usually takes a fair bit longer to cook things than recipes indicate.  I know this about my microwave and expect the adjustments needed.  Don’t just go with three minutes and call it a day because that is how long the recipe says it takes.  Depending on your microwave you may only need two minutes or you may need more time like I did.  Just take a slice out and start rolling it up – if it breaks cook them some more,  if it rolls easily they are done.


These really were so fun to make. I will absolutely make them again in the future! 

For the full recipe and tutorial please visit the Cooking With Manuela blog: click here to go directly to her post with this recipe. 


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