Melting Pot

Oh Brother.

Apparently there is a male version of Hooters,  called Tallywackers,  happening now.

Really?  Someone please tell me that this is a joke.

Let’s assume it isn’t.

Cue soap box.

Women bitch and moan about how men sexualize and demean women with such restaurants as Hooters all the time.  So now y’all are going to go crazy for the chance to treat men the same way?  Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think this is what “equality between the sexes” is meant to encourage. 

Maybe it’s because I was raised to not judge a book by its cover and to value a person for more than their appearance.  Maybe it’s because the men I find most attractive are not typically “hot” by society’s stupid standards.  Maybe it’s because some of the biggest douchebags I have had the misfortune of meeting were those “hot” guys all the women flock to. Maybe it’s because I know there is no way in a million years a “hot” guy would ever even notice I exist let alone want anything to do with me so I’m just a bit bitter. Or maybe I’m just crazy.  But I have zero interest in this silly restaurant. Why can’t we as a society just realize looks do not equate attractiveness,  and that everyone has their own unique idea of what is or is not physically attractive in another person?  Why do we have to focus so damned much on “the beautiful people” and make anyone who doesn’t measure up feel like crap for not being tall enough or thin enough or for having too big of a nose or their eyebrows are too thick etc?  All these stupid standards and reasons for a person,  male or female,  to not feel good enough based on their physical appearance are nonsense.

I know,  asking the world as a whole to stop being petty and shallow and stupid is a futile effort.  I am just venting. 


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