Melting Pot

Insomniatic Ramblings

Have I mentioned I very much dislike approximately half of my neighbors? I have few immediate neighbors but half of them I truly detest,  and the remaining neighbors are more tolerable than friendish.  Compared to the trouble making jerks though I will gladly take tolerable.  Why can’t the jerks move away and be replaced with more of the tolerable variety?  Sigh. 

A little note to the future husband: Seriously. Hurry up and get here,  please.  The creepy crawlies are out and about now and that is so something I don’t like dealing with on my own.  I promise I will treat you like the knight in shining armor that you will be to me as thanks for every creepy crawly you deal with for me.  Aka there shall be much kissing and whatnot.  You just have to wash your hands first.  Yeah I’m weird.  If you’re going to marry me you have to accept the quirks. Even the stupid ones that make no sense. 

I want to build a fairy garden.  This has been on my list for years, since before it was the “in” thing it has become recently. Everyone always thinks I am crazy when I come up with ideas like this but inevitably a few years later it’s all the rage.  I am so far ahead of the game it is ridiculous.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew,  but I sort of (without realizing it)  volunteered to do something for my sister.  Something time consuming and potentially very frustrating.  No details for the moment. All I can say is once I realized I was roped in I decided to refer to it as Myth Busters: Knitting Edition. It isn’t exactly busting myths but is something that will require developing theories and making multiple small scale test subjects then increasing them in size to see if the hypothesis stays true when scaled…  Oh lord what did I get myself in to?  Oh well.  Like I said I will tackle it with a Myth Busters mindset and try to make it as fun as possible.

Rascal scared a poor innocent turkey hen recently.  A few days ago we noticed her outside eating some of the bird seed we put out. A couple days later Rascal was excited and wanting outside to greet my dad when he pulled in the driveway; a regular occurance.  We’ve gotten into a habit of her going out to greet him, because she gets so excited when he pulls in she needs to get out the burst of energy.  Well,  unknown to me poor little turkey hen was making her to the bird feeder after he pulled in the other day.  I let Rascal out and seconds later heard the turkey hen give a startled gobble. Which I am ashamed to admit sounded damn hilarious and even now just thinking of it is making me grin. My dad was still in the car so he got to see the reaction,  and got a kick out of it though like me also felt bad.  But hey it happens.  Apparently Rascal got to within about five feet before the turkey hen (who had her back to the direction Rascal came from) realized she was in danger.  Poor thing.  She hasn’t been back since,  that we have noticed.  I’ve tried to make sure I remember to look for her before letting Rascal out now.  Little late for that effort I guess. 

A Full House spin-off is officially being made.  Did you hear about that?  I am so excited! Gotta love Netflix for being a part of making it happen. There is not an official air date yet but apparently for now it isn’t expected to be till next year.  Which is kind of OK.  Maybe by then I will have home internet again and can actually watch.  One way or another I will be watching it.  Just hoping it doesn’t disappoint like Disney’s joke of a spin-off of Boy Meets World. But then I expected that one to suck.  Netflix has done pretty good with their original series,  so I have high hopes for Fuller House (not the official name of the new series, just the current working title).

I had been giving serious thought to blowing off youngest nephew’s birthday party.  But apparently youngest niece is going to be there.  She is always amusing to be around so I may go just to see her.  I am going to try to talk eldest niece into going as well.  She should see her little brothers.  She has not seen them in close to two years.  The real motivation to try to convince her though is my dad.  For a long time he has wanted to get all his grand babies together at once.  He won’t say so to me but I know he is not doing well health wise.  (Which scares the crap out of me for a million reasons but I will not get into that right now.) I desperately want to get him to the beach soon,  but I don’t know that I can ever make that happen. As was previously discussed/vented about,  I am broke and in debt.  A trip to the beach just ain’t in the cards any time soon,  doesn’t matter if my reasons are to see my ailing father happy.  If I don’t have money, I don’t have money.  I am trying to change that but it isn’t going as planned.  (Does anything?)  So it is taking me longer than I would like to try to make things happen. Getting the kids all together for once should be easy.  Should be.  It has proven otherwise.  It is still more doable than the beach though so I’ve got to go for it. 

One of my friends shared a video on facebook that was pretty cool.  No I am not telling what it was just yet. I plan to get the necessary supplies this weekend to try my hand at it myself.  Once I do,  then I will share.  All I will say for now is it involves turning something very ordinary into a super pretty dessert.  😁

Rascal cracks me up.  I just love my little dog. I wish I could get good pictures and/or video of her when she plays with the neighbors dog. They are so funny together. She runs so ridiculously fast.  I also love how she loves to snuggle.  I often wake up in the morning with her lying on her side next to me with a paw draped over my shoulder.  She is just the best dog in the world.  I’d be totally lost without her. 

My dad wants to visit my aunt this summer.  Rascal is the one issue with that.  If we go it will be at least a full weekend,  potentially longer.  Rascal has never been left totally alone for an extended length of time.  When we went last year,  she had the kitties for company.  I don’t think it would be wise leaving her completely on her own for the whole weekend.  I don’t have anybody willing/able to come take care of her of I go away.  She is much too timid to go to a kennel and be around a lot of strangers (of both the human and animal kind). I’d do little but worry if she was OK the whole time. That is a way off yet though so perhaps something can be figured out.  Oh and no,  taking her with us is not an option.  She hates car rides and refuses to get in the car so I seriously doubt a six-ish hour trip would be wise. Plus trips to my aunts are always extremely busy.  Rascal would still be alone and ain unfamiliar territory if she came with us. 

Now that I’ve written a short novel…  I am still not tired. Correction,  I am tired.  I just haven’t reached the necessary point of “exhaustion finally beats insomnia” to be able to sleep.  But I best shut up and call it a night.  If you read all this you’re either really bored,  have insomnia too,  or you really love me.  😉 Regardless, if you did read all that,  thanks for doing so.  I truly appreciate it. 



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