Melting Pot

Random Act of Kindness

My faith in humanity has been slightly restored,  today.

While grocery shopping I wanted to browse the garden department as well.  Y’all know me,  I have a thing for plants even though despite my best efforts not to I tend to kill most of the ones left to my care.  It is spring and the weather is finally warming up for the season though and that means stores have all their plants and gardening items available. 

As I was nearing the end of an aisle I saw an older lady putting a couple very pretty plants in her cart,  red and purple succulents like I have never seen before.  I made a comment about how pretty they were and she showed me where she had found them.  She had taken the last two that were any color besides green.  We chatted a bit and went our separate ways and as I walked around the rest of the garden department I wondered if the local nursery might have the same kind of plants. 

A few minutes later the lady came up to me  and handed me the red one.  She said she had decided to put that one back but thought she would try to find me instead of just putting it back on the shelf,  in case I wanted it. 

I will never know if that was really what happened,  or if she could tell how much I really liked those plants and decided a random act of kindness was in order.  Regardless it was indeed a very kind gesture,  one that will not be forgotten,  and it totally made my day!  M’am,  if you happen to see this I just want to say thank you again! 


In unrelated news I grabbed the only two packs of these bulbs that I could find because they look gorgeous.  Now to figure out where I will be planting them. 


Because this was not enough,  I also got a flowering cherry tree from Lowe’s. I haven’t a clue where to put it yet either but I just had to have it.  (I really wanted a weeping willow but that one was way too expensive.)


I’ve got groceries put away, had some lunch,  and now Rascal wants out to play and enjoy some sunshine so I am off to spend some time with her and while we are out I will try to figure out where this pretty new tree should go,  and where to plant those bulbs. 



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