Melting Pot

Wrong Number

I have periodically gotten texts and a few calls from someone over the past few months.  I figured,  ignore her and she will figure out she has been contacting the wrong number.  Right? 


Today after two texts and a call within half an hour,  I decided to reply. 

I contemplated numerous ways to screw with her.  Which will be put to use if she texts again in the future. But for today I decided to play as nice as possible.  Based on her reply I don’t think she realizes how many messages meant for someone else actually came to me. 


If you can’t figure out the link I sent her,  it is a link to the Amazon product page for the book He’s Just Not That Into You.  (Based on her texts, which again I recieved from time to time for MONTHS, she thought she want contacting a fuck buddy.)

Why did I not respond for months,  you ask?  They were infrequent enough it wasn’t ever really a bother.  So why respond today?  Red’s in a mood today that’s why. 


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