Melting Pot


Today is the first really gorgeous spring day we have had.  It is currently 77°F with a high of 80°F, according to the weather app on my phone. The thermometer on the porch,  which is in shade,  reads 70 at the moment. Regardless the sun is shining,  it is warm,  and the trees are starting to look a little green. 

My seedlings planted not long ago are no longer seedlings but maturing plants.  They still will not bud for a while, but they are doing extremely well and I am happy.  I still have two planters that lack any signs of life, those two being the ones with lavender seeds.  Lavender,  like lilacs,  apparently hates me.  Which is sad because again like lilacs,  I love it.  I have tried several times over the years to get some lavender going,  both from seed and purchasing potted plants that are already well established.  Seeds never start for me and the potted plants die on me within a month.  Oh well.  At least my Marigold and dwarf morning glory seedlings have done well.  My kordana rose is doing very well also.   Since it has been warming up I’ve been setting it (and the other plants)  outside during the day and bringing them in at night to start getting them acclimated for transplanting outdoors in the next few weeks.  Though I may leave the marigolds and morning glories in their pots.  I haven’t really decided yet.  The rose needs to be planted outside for sure though as soon as the weather is good for it and I have found a good place for it. 

Rascal and I have been enjoying the sunshine today.  While out in the yard,  I noticed a squirrel or chipmunk decided to hide a walnut in an interesting spot. 


Nestled right into a hole from one of the trimmed branches of one of the trees.  Yes,  I am easily amused.  You say that as if it is a bad thing.

Rascal also found an interesting bug.  She loves chasing bugs and digs up beetles every chance she gets.  I do not recall ever seeing one like this before and have no idea what it is.  I made her leave it alone,  since I didn’t know if it would be harmful to her in any way.  Then I took pictures.  Which turned out surprisingly well given it was just my cell phone camera.  This little bug was about 3/4 to an inch long.  And very pretty.  (Yes,  she who is terrified of creepy crawlies does admit some of them are slightly less terrifying and evenly pretty.) 



Pooch and I are now back inside resting a bit,  but there will be a couple more outings before the day is over to make the most of such a lovely day.  It is supposed to get colder again at the end of the week and into next week.  Hopefully that changes and warm weather is here to stay till fall,  but you never know eith Mother Nature so I plan to fully enjoy this day. 



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