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Capture the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson,  CEO,  Clickin Moms


Oh my goodness.  I cannot even begin to express how wonderful this book is! 

This is absolutely a must have for anyone interested in photography!  The book consists of six chapters worth of short,  useful tips and advice.  The chapters include Natural Light,  Composition,  Storytelling,  Fine Art,  Black & White,  and Low Light.  There is also a short glossary-like section with photography terms you may or may not already be familiar with  to help you with some of the basics of the settings available to you on your (DSLR) camera. 

The book is packed with stunning photographs on nearly every page. 

I love the inclusion of “creativity exercises” at the end of each chapter.  They give you inspiration to experiment and work with the tips provided in that chapter. 

If you love photography,  you will love this book! 

For more information about this book,  click here

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.


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