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Knitting & Migraines

I won a bet with my sister,  and as my prize for winning she custom dyed a hank of yarn for me.  She showed me what undyed bases she had available at the time,  then I browsed through the dyes she has and chose my colors.  I could tell she didn’t think my chosen colors were going to turn out well but she was pleasantly surprised and said she liked it enough she will be dying some more for her store.

(This is the only color-accurate picture in this post. The lighting conditions for the others were not great and the colors didn’t pick up properly on the phone camera.)

I have forgotten which of her bases this is,  but she only uses luxury fibers so the specifics are not too important to me.  It is super soft and squishy and just perfect.


My sister then very kindly bought me a swift,  which I have been meaning to get for ages.  I also need a winder, but for now hand winding with the help of the swift is far easier than trying to wind without it.  Trust me,  I have been hand winding hanks of yarn without a swift for a long time.  I will review the swift in a future post.

I chose the base and colors with a couple different shawl patterns in mind.  I couldn’t quite settle on one pattern before hand so just kept each of them in mind and went with my instincts. Once the yarn was ready to use I pulled each of the patterns up again and chose the one that I thought would be best with the yarn. 


I am not too far along with it yet,  but I absolutely love how it is working up! It is absolutely perfect! 
FYI the pattern I am using is called Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl and it was designed by Jessie Dodington. You can find this pattern on Ravelry for $5 (USD)   at the following link: Dinner In The Eiffel Tower Shawl Pattern

My sister also sent me home with two hanks of another undyed yarn for which I also already have the pattern selected,  but I will share more details on that at another time. For now this shawl is my focus. 

I am still not quite feeling 100% better from being sick.  In addition to being sick a nasty migraine hit me on Monday that I am still feeling the effects of, though thank goodness it is only a mild annoyance at this point.  I used to get migraines fairly often when I was a teen but it had been quite a while since I had one. I have had plenty of headaches that have felt like they wanted to turn into migraines and a few that did but since they started as just headaches they had been treated and thus were not bad.  This was the first full-on,  hits out of nowhere and knocks you on your ass in a hurry, migraine I have had in a very long time.  I had almost forgotten how miserable they are. One of the worst things about them is their tendency to hang around for several days. It seemed to want to come back earlier today but for now that feeling has passed and I am just dealing with some minor discomfort from it.  Hopefully within the next couple of days it goes away completely and I can get back to feeling normal again.


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