Melting Pot

Ten Random Facts About Me

1. While many wish they were taller,  I actually wish I were a bit shorter than I am.  Yeah I am weird,  you aren’t really surprised are you?

2. It took me years – YEARS – to learn how to make gravy.  Now it is one of the things I make really well.

3. There was a time in my life I thought being a “baton twirler” (majorette) was a viable career choice and it was one I wanted to persue like you wouldn’t believe.  I give you permission to laugh but you have to know I was about four years old at the time. 😝

4. I can’t make homemade cinnamon rolls.  I have tried no less than a dozen recipes and they have all been abysmal failures.  There comes a point when you can no longer blame the recipes but admit that maybe you just suck at making a particular dish.

5. I don’t like talking on the phone. With very few exceptions of those I am closest to,  I just really can’t stand it.  It borders on being a phobia.

6. My dream home includes a huge kitchen with grocery store style freezers all along a whole wall.  I can’t stand trying to dig around in chest freezers for stuff,  and firmly believe a grocery store like setup would make life way easier.

7. I can be really fickle about a lot of things,  so if something sticks you know it’s special.

8. There is a wonky spot in my left eyebrow, due to a scar resulting from falling off the front porch when I was a kid.  Life-long klutz, that’s me.

9. I much prefer carpeting rather than any other flooring options.  It is the only one that is soft and warm and comfy.

10. I am planning to get a tattoo once I reach my goal weight.  So, hopefully late this year.


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