Melting Pot


… well…  It’s almost Friday anyway.  I have a small list of groceries and other things to pick up at the store and I need to drop off a couple things at the post office. Saturday tends to be errand day but we may go tomorrow instead for reasons beyond my comprehension but I will not complain.  Going a day earlier than usual just means I get an extra day on the things I need to do that can’t happen till after getting to the store.

One of those things is redoing my hair.  Yes that was planned for last weekend.  Once all was said and done at the grocery store,  however,  there was not enough room left in the budget for a trip to the beauty supply store.  I could have swung it by putting off Rascal’s flea and tick prevention treatments but keeping her safe from the buggers is more important than doing my hair.

I am waiting on the Fed Ex man this afternoon.  I had a $100 credit to use on Rue La La,  and finally spotted something actually useful that was covered by the credit: an electric meat grinder. I have been wanting one for a while,  my mom or sister has (or had)  the old manual one and whichever of the two has it likely has no idea where it is.  I had previously picked out a couple things from the site but talked myself out of each purchase,  but when I saw the meat grinder I knew that was what I wanted to get.  I still slept on the decision – just in case.  Rue La La is like a high end version of those stores that sell discounted items and have an ever changing inventory, so finding something covered by a $100 gift card was not easy,  then because each “collection” is only available for sale for a few days time to think about whether or not to buy something is limited.  Anyway the tracking info says it is currently out for delivery. Which means I am watching the road like a hawk waiting to see the Fed Ex truck coming. 

It is another cold,  grey,  rainy day today.  I guess the weather is getting a jump on the whole “April showers bring May flowers” thing.


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