Melting Pot


This past Saturday,  I decided to play in the dirt a little.  I grabbed the couple packets of flower seeds I had,  dug out and cleaned up some flower pots (and used other random containers suitable for growing things since I only have a couple actual flower pots)  and got a bag of potting soil and got to it. 

As of this morning,  all but two of my little planters have at least one seedling sprouting up. Hopefully the remaining two will show some green soon too but even if those containers turn out to be unprolific,  having success with eight of ten planters is excellent.  Especially for me. 

Among the ten planters are three kinds of seeds: lavender,  marigolds,  and dwarf morning glories. 

The dwarf morning glories are the ones I am most excited for. They are supposed to be good for borders and containers and unlike their vining counterparts are not supposed to spread out and take over everything in sight. I love morning glories but trying to keep them from dominating everything else is just too much for me.  So I have my fingers crossed the dwarf variety will be much more to my liking. 



It doesn’t look or feel much like spring, but between the daffodils and  crocuses popping up outside, the rose bushes starting to turn a little green, and a windowsill full of little seedlings,  I know consistently warm weather is not far.


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