Melting Pot

Saturday Randoms

I love this hair style, it is so cute and fun and deceptivly simple to do, even on yourself. I had no trouble with it anyway. If you are not used to doing braids on your own hair getting the braided portion going may be tricky.

Granted mine is a very messy version. All the short layers I currently have in my hair make it impossible to do this more neatly. I pinned a couple of the ends in because they were bigger sections and looked kind of goofy, but I don’t mind the smaller ones here and there. I love intentionally messy styles like this, because they are far easier to pull off, I think.


I will be redoing my hair this weekend, either later today or tomorrow. The pink is pretty much totally washed out now. There are a few spots where it is still just slightly pinkish but overall the pink is gone. The purple is pretty faded as well, it is a very light almost silvery pastel shade at this point. The turquoise, as expected, has held on longest but even it has faded enough that it can be redone now. I need to stop by the beauty supply store for some more bleach and developer first. This time around I am going to be just doing all purple. 🙂

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and in my little corner of the world that meant…. more snow! lol No seriously it did snow a bit but not enough to stick before it changed to rain and that kept up pretty much all day. Not a bit of sunshine and none expected today either. I did dig out some planters and got some flower seeds planted, which will hopefully sprout in the next few weeks. I planted some marigolds, lavender, and dwarf morning glories which I had never seen before. I LOVE morning glories but the amount of maintenance required to keep them from taking over everything is too much for me. The dwarf morning glories are supposed to be a shrub ideal for borders and containers, and are not supposed to vine and spread out like normal morning glories. We’ll see. 🙂

Rascal got a little trim this morning. She gets mighty scruffy looking, which I find totally adorable, but she does need to be trimmed up now and then to keep her fur out of her eyes, and around her face in general to keep her looking nice. She rarely cooperates for pictures though so for the moment I do not have any before/after shots to share.

It is about time to head to the store and get some errands taken care of. Till next time.



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