Melting Pot

Renewed Efforts, Again

I have been trying hard to get myself back on track with my weight loss efforts again. Since Syd got sick, it has been hard for me to care about much of anything outside of my grief. Losing her and Dusk so close has been so difficult.

When I hopped on the scale last week and saw five pounds had come back I knew a couple things. One: that I was lucky given how much I had been emotional eating and that I had not been working out at all it was only five pounds. Two: if I didn’t start forcing myself back to the routine that five pounds would rapidly be joined by friends and family that I do not want around.

So this week has been yet another renewed effort. I let myself get so out of the routine over the past couple of weeks I need to ease back into it, but I figure as long as I can get back into a regular routine that is what matters.

I am currently on an every other day workout schedule, because I still can’t quite seem to get back to every day. But every other day is better than never. I have been doing the Bootcamp walk (for those not familiar with my chosen workouts this is from Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home program) and have quickly decided it is my favorite workout. It is only three miles but as with all the walks it is an intense three miles. The first mile is a speed walk. The two remaining miles are made up of intervals of speed walking, boosted walking (jogging), and strength training with resistance bands. I lost my bands that came with it, so initially I just mimicked the moves minus the bands – still a good workout just less intense. I picked up some replacement bands recently, though. And it makes a huge difference! I love this walk though. It goes by quickly and it is challenging but doable. I would definitly recommend checking out this dvd if you are looking for a good walking workout and/or a simple way to get some strength training in.

I am hoping to get back to an every day routine by the end of the month. I will be spending the Independence Day weekend with my mom and sister, and am hoping to have made really significant progress by then so they can see I truly am making an effort to make some changes in my life. In this as well as other areas. I am hoping by then a lot more than just my weight will be very different, but even if not it does not mean efforts are not being made only that the results are not happening yet. But July is still a good way off. So we will not try to speculate – we will just wait and see how things go between now and then.


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