Melting Pot


Trying to do research on mobile web sucks in comparison to being able to use a computer.

I am in a mood and want to be snarky with someone to get it out of my system. Unfortunately I do not have a suitable target to aim at. I thought I might earlier this afternoon when I got a call immediately followed by a text from a number I don’t know, then a few minutes later another text seemingly from the same person but a different number. I gave my sister the numbers (they were local but I did not recognize them) and based on her search results she said she felt they were spam messages and it was best to ignore them. She is usually right about such things so I ignored them. Then got yet a third message an hour or so later. Which again I ignored. But I STILL have the itch to send a smartass reply… should a fourth message come in I may have to bite the bullet and send just such a response.

I am expecting the vet to call tomorrow or Thursday to say Dusk’s ashes can be picked up. I need to grab some flea and tick stuff for Rascal while there. It is finally warming up (though I do not expect the cold is totally done just yet) so she needs protection there asap. We had a couple tick incidents late last fall (entirely my fault for slipping with the treatments) and I am not eager to repeat them so I want to be sure we have stuff early on for that.

I have a headache. I may turn in early tonight. xoxo


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