Melting Pot

Unexpected Amusement

I have been thinking more and more about getting a betta fish. A fish (betta or otherwise) is the only new pet I am willing to get right now. I have pretty much settled into the decision, and have been checking out prices online to compare the different stores in the area to see who has the best deals on everything. Apparently “starter kits” in the fishy world no longer actually come with everything you need but typically include only the tank and a filter. No aquarium gravel, no heater, no thermometer… and they all cost a small fortune. A simple five gallon tank costs about $50 on average.

Before anyone says it, no, I will not simply plop a betta (or any other fish) into a little bowl of water and call it a day. People always complain bettas don’t live long. Ever stop to think why that is? Sure they CAN survive, for a while, in a bowl of water. But after some research (cause yes in the past I too fell victim to being an ignorant betta murderer) I have learned bettas need significantly more space than those little bowls and even many “betta tanks” are smaller than is ideal. Three to.five gallons is recomended. They also need to have some climate control (aka a tank that is heated) as they are heat sensitive. Plants should be either live or silk, as the plastic plants can have rough edges that can damage their fins. And any fish does better with a well filtered system that keeps their environment clean. So basically…. I am going all out for this little fish.

With all the different necessary supplies, and the as usual limited funds, everything will happen in stages. Tank first, fish last, everything else in between.

I was discussing this with my.sister the other day and how much it was going to cost in the end. I made the comment that it is still going to be cheaper than the other pet I had very briefly considered – a bird. (I decided against that due to money, the fact that the dog would likely try to eat a bird, and the very real potential for major emotional attachment to a bird.)

My sister had a suggestion for me. One that made me giggle. And her reaction to my response made me giggle even more.


As I told her, I can’t speak for all dogs of course but Rascal most certainly would eat a hamster. Every trip we make outside she chases birds and small rodents in the yard. She has caught numerous rodents while outside. She may not be what one would think of as a hunting dog but she absolutely has the instincts to hunt. A hamster (or a bird) would not be a wise choice for a new pet with her hunting skills.

I have some emails to reply to since I have not replied to anything other than personal messages since Sunday, and I have some pictures to take to make a sponsored post on the beauty blog that should have been made by Monday but I haven’t had the heart to do it. Even now I am going to be doing things differently for that post than I should, but I don’t feel up to doing things the usual way. Hopefully the company understands. I have been working with them for a couple years now so I feel like they will. They will not be as forgiving if I take too long to make the post, though, so even if done differently than my usual format it needs done asap. So I best get to it. 


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