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FramedArt Review

While I am not “into” art in the sense of knowing a lot about the different styles or the countless artists in the world both past and present, art is something I appreciate. On my first date with the man we went to the city and walked around downtown and checked out some galleries. Between his own artwork, my photography, and our combined appreciation of artwork in all its forms, we are what I suppose you would call “an arty couple”.


I could browse the offerings available for hours. Everything from Ansel Adams to Picasso can be found among their selections. There is a little something for everyone no matter what your style is.

The site is easy to navigate, with the ability to browse by style, artist, room, subject and more. If you have something specific in mind you are looking for but are not sure which category it would be under or you want to limit your browsing to those pieces, you just enter the criteria in the search bar.

Prices shown reflect the cost of the piece with a basic frame, standard matting, and standard acrylic plexiglass. Once you have found a piece you love, you can customize all of these options. Different selections in these options will change the final price.

I loved getting to customize how a piece is matted and framed! So often when buying framed artwork, you have to simply go with the piece as is. Being able to choose your desired matting and frame lets you add your own personal touch to how the final piece will look, and ensures that the piece will match the rest of your decor if you so choose. I personally have a bunch of mis-matched things decorating my walls, with no real theme but small details and elements that help tie things together. “Eclectic” would be the word I suppose.

As I was browsing I completely fell in love with a certain piece that at this time I cannot even begin to afford. It has earned a top spot on my wish list, though, and hopefully I can work something out to get it in the not too distant future. While I continued to browse I found so many lovely pieces I would absolutely love to have, it became difficult to choose something to get.

Finally, I settled on a piece and set about customizing the framing options. I saved screenshots with a couple different matting and framing options I was considering to look at them side by side to make my final decision. Then the really hard part came: waiting for it to be delivered!

I was thrilled to see the artwork was very well packed to minimize the possibility of damage during transit. A particularly good thing as my mail carrier seems to be on a personal mission to destroy packages. I did not know the art was being delivered when it arrived, but I cringed when I heard the package being tossed onto the porch. When I saw the package I knew immediately it was the artwork I had been waiting for and wasted no time in opening it to check that it had not been damaged in my mail carrier’s attempt to win the regional long toss competition. Thankfully everything was in tact. And far more beautiful than the image online (or my little cell cam snap for this post) could showcase!


If you are also a fan of scenic pieces like this, you can see more here:

If you want to learn more about Framed Art, check out their website at, or check out their social media pages below:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Pinterest –

Google+ –

Overall I am very pleased with the experience and quality from FramedArt and I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are looking to buy some artwork for your home or office.

I recieved my selected artwork in exchange for this review.


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