Melting Pot

Oh For Crying Out Loud

This has been one of those “if it can go wrong, it will” days. It started when I was blocking my shawl this morning and naturally the klutz that I am, I bmped the tin of pins and it went flying to the floor and I proceeded to spend fifteen minutes picking them up and doing my best to make sure I didn’t miss any, not wanting Dusk or Rascal to step on them and get hurt. That started the unfortunate chain of events that has been today. Everything from smacking my elbow very hard when rounding a corner and somehow miscalculating the distance between myself and the wall to the headache from hell that refuses to go away to my only winter coat finally meeting its demise.

The coat one really sucks. Because we are at the beginning of yet another stretch of single digits and below zero temps for a while and winter is still far fron over, and we really do not have money to replace it right now. Not that I would be able to find anything suitable that fits properly anyway. That coat lasted me a good number of years but I did plan to replace it in the next year or two as it was starting to get pretty worn. I just thought for sure it still had a couple more years in it.

Tonight when I was getting ready to take Rascal out for her “bedtime potty” as we call it, I started to pull up the zipper and three things happened simultaneously: the little bit of fabric to the side of the zipper got stuck in the zipper pull, the zipper pull snapped in half, and the zipper itself busted (the couple inches that had just zipped closed popped open), effectivly killing my coat for good. The broken zipper pull refuses to budge. I had to hold the coat closed while I took Rascal out and then once back inside I had to pull it over my head to get it off.

I am just going to have to make do with it through what remains of winter, and save up what I can to get a new coat next winter. As my sister pointed out at least when I get a new one I will be in a smaller size which will give me more options than I currently have. The way they make clothes I will still probably have to get something that is a tent on me otherwise just to get something that is not too small in the upper arm area but still, being smaller overall should help with that issue as well.

I am so glad it is bed time. To say today sucked would be an understatement. Though all things considered it was still better than last Monday. The vet should be calling in the next day or two to let us know we can pick up Sydney’s ashes. That will be a hard trip to make. Though not nearly as hard as the trip last week when I kept hoping she would be ok but knew deep in my heart how that visit was going to end…


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