Melting Pot

Faith in Humanity = Gone


I saw this posted (“shared”) on fb by the local farm. (Not sure of the actual origin so if this is yours let me know and I will credit/remove as requested. This is why you should watermark pictures with your url folks, it lets people know where to find you when your picture has been shared a billion times all over the place.)

I made the mistake of clicking through to the original post and reading some of the comments. several folks commented they thought the rocks were wine corks. Ok I fail to see that but suppose it is forgiveable, considering all the wacky craft projects I have seen that use wine corks.

But as I continued scrolling I saw this.  (I did not edit the profile image or name because they are public on fb anyway.)


I cannot even begin to fathom how insanely stoned this person has to be to have thought chicken nuggets would be used to make a flower bed. And ten people (at the time of the screenshot) actually liked that comment? Whether in agreement or amusement we will never know but that does not make a difference. The utter stupidity of the comment is beyond words. I have learned to not underestimate the power of stupid.

As I always say God must really love stupid people. He made so many of them.


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