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The Best Water You Will Ever Drink

(In my opinion anyway!)

I have added a drink my mom told me about (that my grandma told her about – yes many of the women in my family struggle with weighty issues!) that supposedly helps boost your metabolism to my daily routine.  It is super simple to make – it is just an infused water. 

The instructions are to slice an apple very thinly and place it and two cinnamon sticks into a large pitcher,  fill half way with ice then the rest of the way with water and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  The same apple slices and cinnamon sticks can be used for three pitchers before needing replaced. 

There is no instruction offered as to how much of this to drink or when or how often. I tend to drink some after my workouts or before bed but sometimes I will have some with breakfast or just whenever the mood strikes to have some. One pitcher lasts me about three to five days.

No specific type of apple is mentioned so I assume any kind you like will suffice.  I am a fan of many apples but so far have only made this with pink lady apples and it has been good. 

I think the cinnamon sticks may be good for more than three pitchers but will have to try it out to see for sure. The apple slices are definitely done after three pitchers. 

I, like my mom,  feel this needs a bit of extra sweetness to it.  She uses pure stevia.  I don’t have that so I use “stevia” found at the grocery store which is “made with stevia extract” but is not truly stevia.  I plan to get the real deal eventually but for now the stuff I have is fine. Pure stevia is a bit pricey and is not available locally and must be ordered online.  For price and convienence I get the faux stuff from Aldi. I use 1/4 cup of it per pitcher and find it is perfect. 

You can use any sweetener you like of course but the goal here is to limit calories hence the use of calorie free options. The stuff I use is basically generic Truvia. I feel the need to say here that yes I am aware of the bad points of the stuff that make some folks refuse to use it. If you prefer something else use something else. I personally stay far away from sucralose (the generic term for Splenda) but plenty of folks think it is fine. I find Truvia (and it’s cheaper counterparts) to be the lesser of these two evils so that is what I use. Do your own research and decide which no calorie sweetener on the market is best for you – nobody’s judging. Well, I am not. I can’t speak for everyone else on the planet.

I don’t know exactly what a “large” pitcher is.  One that holds eight cups?  Ten?  A gallon?  I have just one pitcher (or is it a decanter… whatever.) so that is what I use,  whether it is “large” or not.  All I can tell you is that after the apples,  cinnamon sticks,  stevia, and ice are in the pitcher it then takes seven cups of water to fill it up. 


I don’t know if this actually does anything for your metabolism or not.  I know cinnamon does all sorts of good things for you health-wise and of course apples have various vitamins and nutrients in them.  When you infuse water like this the nutrients end up in the water. (Not 100% of course but enough to make a difference.) Think of it as those fancy vitamin waters that are sold these days but minus unnecessary additives and without the high calories.  But back to this specific one – whether or not it does what it claims for the metabolism I have no way of knowing.  What I can tell you about it is that it is hands down the best flavored water ever!  It tastes like apple pie. Kinda hard to argue with that right?  I mean who doesn’t love apple pie?  (OK I can think of one person I know who doesn’t like apple pie so those weirdos are out there.  You may even be one of them.  Haha.)


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