Melting Pot


Rascal is three years old today!  This means she gets a special treat (aka we would love to get her this stuff on a regular basis but can’t afford to) and a new toy.


And of course this is not a proper birthday post without a picture of the birthday girl.  I tried to get a picture of her while we were outside this morning because she had snow all over her nose and it was cute.  She never seems to want to cooperate with such picture though.  So I had to settle for a picture of her with her new toy once we had come back inside, instead. 


Non pet people will not get the need for making a fuss over her birthday,  I am sure.  No maybe she doesn’t even know what the fuss is about.  But maybe she does.  It doesn’t matter, because *I* know and I choose to make this day special for her.  This dog is my everything.  She is my child,  my friend,  my constant companion.  She is the only one who is there for me without fail,  she is the only one who can be trusted not to blab my secrets. She is the only one who will never judge me for my mistakes and shortcomings.  She simply loves me as I am,  flaws and all,  and is there for me always in an otherwise very lonely existence.  She is a furry little angel without whom I would be terribly lost, and I am so grateful to have her every day.  ❤💕


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