Melting Pot

10 Things I Hate/Love, Fourth Edition

Ten things I hate:

1. When you have to sneeze so you get ready for it, then it doesn’t  happen.  Where does that sneeze go exactly?  Why were you all set and ready for takeoff one second and the next…  Nada?  Talk about anticlimactic! 

2. Rolling over in bed only to discover Rascal has tucked one of her bones under the blankets with me.  Ouch!

3. The fact that it is now 2015 and we still do not have robot maids to cook and clean for us like Rosie from The Jetsons.

4. When you get yourself all excited to have something specific to eat only to discover you don’t  have it/the ingredients.  Am I the only one who stays hungry all day no matter what/how much I eat after such a disaster?  I don’t  care if I stuffed myself with salad – it was not the steak I want!

5. Getting all snug and cozy in bed and just before you fall asleep you realize you  didn’t  brush your teeth, or any other forgotten task that requires you getting out of bed to deal with it.  You can be sure you will not find that perfect comfy spot and position again.

6. Neighbors.  Maybe it is just because the neighbors I have had in my life have pretty much all sucked but I just don’t  like ’em. Nosy,  wanting to chit chat any time you are outside as if you are not outside for a reason or you don’t  have things you need to do, blasting their music at all hours of the day and night etc.  No thanks. 

7. The fact that all the yummiest foods have so many calories in teeny tiny portions.  I want to be able to scarf down  a whole pizza and it not account for enough calories for an entire weekend. Or have a big honkin’ piece of cake or cheesecake etc. I really don’t  think that is asking too much.  (I might be hungry right now.)

8. When the mail carrier decides to just throw packages on the porch from the truck. Yep I have seen them do this.  Or when they actually come to the porch they still toss the packages down rather than setting them down gently.  Better pray nothing in that box is broken jerk face.  You really can’t  complain either because the post master tells the carrier who complained then the carrier does all kinds of stuff to get back at you for getting them in trouble at work.  If you don’t  want people complaining about how you handled their deliveries maybe try treating said deliveries properly so as to not damage things. 

9. All things Twilight/Fifty Shades Of Grey. No explanation necessary.

10.  This:


(I can’t  seem to find where this originated so if you are the creator please let me know and I will happily link back to your site or remove the image from this post if you prefer.)

Ten things I love:

1. Lying on the ground in the sunshine, eyes closed just soaking up nature.  Obviously this is a warm weather activity only.  One frequently cut short when a creepy crawly decides I am a sidewalk. 

2. Roses.  🌹

3. The night sky.  Stars,  moon,  darkness spotted with light, the vastness…  Part of why I could never live in the city.  I need to be able to gaze up at the sky each night.

4. Gel nail polish.  To avoid number ten in the things I hate list above.  Also because then all the time and effort put into a manicure actually lasts so I get to enjoy it a while. Unlike regular nail polish which chips within 24 hours.

5. Getting completely wrapped up in a good book.  Of course then there is inevitable emotional and mental anguish when it ends,  if you are like me and really become attached to the characters.  Even so there are few things better than a good long book that sweeps you into its world.

6. My cooking skills may be questionable more often than not.  But I do know how to make a damned good homemade pizza.  Grumpy can verify this.  😉 With a recent addition to my cookware I can now also make said pizza in a heart shape. Because pizza is love y’all.


7. Glitter.  Anything that sparkles,  really. Toby Keith should’ve been a cowboy,  I should’ve been a fairy.

8. “Take my crabs, Amanda.” – No matter how many times I watch Simply Irresistible (one of my very favorite movies) that line makes me giggle every time

9. Have I mentioned recently that I love pizza?  (Yes this is different from the above “I love that I know how to make kick ass homemade pizza”.)

10. Snuggles with Rascal. 


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