Melting Pot

Crochet Shawl (WIP)


I thought I would share a crochet shawl I am working on right now. I still have a couple more inches to go before beginning the next stitch pattern but so far I love how it is turning out!

The pattern (available for free on Ravelry) calls for dk weight yarn however I decided to go with lace weight. *The yarn I am using is from Sapphires-n-Purls and it is the Lavender Mint Breeze colorway. This yarn is absolutely divine to work with! It’s so soft and silky. I can’t wait to finish the shawl and use it!

* Disclosure and all that I have to tell you this is my sister’s yarn company and while I did purchase the yarn she gave me my money back so I didn’t really pay for it once all was said and done. But I promise you if it sucked I would not be blogging about it.

Some randoms to finish up this post:

I hate my phone. It has a death wish because every day I visualize the different ways I would love to destroy it. It gives me so much trouble anymore. And it is a new phone for crying out loud! I really do have the worst luck when it comes to electronics.

Yesterday I had an “oops” day. As in I had a headache all day and felt miserable both physically and emotionally. I did not exercise and I ate way more than I should have. Getting right back to it today though. An occasional bad day is expected and ok – I just have to remind myself of that and that the important thing is to not let one bad day result in giving up completely.

I am going to be doing something funky with my hair again soon. I know what I want to do in terms of style, I just can’t settle on color(s). My sister is trying to talk me out of it. She is not a fan of “clown hair” as she calls it. But I say you only live once and you never know when your time is up so you may as well have some fun while it lasts! Funky hair colors are not for everyone. But I happen to love them, especially after my experience with the dip-dye ends a couple years ago.

I read an article the other day that really made me think of myself and my life. I am still not sure if it is more sad or “well, at least maybe I am not going crazy even though it kind of seems like I am”. All I will say is the article was about the effects on the mind of extreme loneliness. While the examples/cases cited in the article were very extreme incidents the fact that I see the same things in myself was… Well, a mixture of things both good and bad.

I have an email I have to reply to. Till next time y’all.


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