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Inside The Test Kitchen by Tyler Florence


I have to admit, the main reason I selected this book was because I am a fan of Tyler Florence. The premise of updated and perfected comfort foods is appealing, particularly when you are already familiar with Tyler and his style of cooking.

Inside The Test Kitchen has 120 recipes in 13 chapters. A few of the recipes are more guides to the best (in Tyler’s opinion, of course) techniques for things more than they are recipes. Just flipping through the book is absolutely mouthwatering – from a classic hamburger to bacon (yes, how to make your own bacon!) to chocolate souffle, this book covers a lot of comfort food bases!

The book is styled like a journal. I like that there are notes on things that were tried but did not work and why those things did not work in the testing to perfect the recipes. There are notes here and there on how to use up leftovers or how to best work with various ingredients etc.

Overall I am very impressed by the selection of recipes included in this book. I have not looked closely at all the recipes yet, but there is at least one that uses a gadget most home cooks are not likely to have on hand already and many probably are not going to want to invest in for just one recipe (regardless of how interesting and good it looks) but for the most part they seem to be very doable.

If you would like more information about Inside The Test Kitchen, click here.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.


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