Melting Pot

OK Winter…

The snow is pretty enough but I am done.  You can go away now. 

It has been in the single digits and scarcely above that in the teens lately. Our predicted HIGH for Saturday is only supposed to be 13°F. ACK!  The worst part is we are out of fire wood (and wooden furniture we can sacrifice) so we have to get by with two electric heaters – one that is in my bedroom and the other in the living room.  (How my dad stays comfortable in his room is beyond me.  I think since his job has him outside in the cold quite a bit he is not as sensitive to it as I am.) Both heaters are set to 74°. The one in my room shows the current room temperature.  It has not managed to get the temperature in my room above 63° for a week. That is assuming the thermostat on it is accurate. It does not feel like it is that “warm”… The one in the living room does not offer that feature but since it is trying to heat a larger and more open space than the one in my room (living room, kitchen,  hall and bathroom) it is safe to say it is not even making it that far.  It is always a bit cooler in other parts of the house than my room. Don’t get me wrong,  they are better than nothing and I am grateful to at least have them.  But dammit I  cold *all the time*!  I dress in layers and bundle up the best I can but it is simply never enough.  I just can’t get warm right now and it is making me miserable.  The only time it seems warm is after taking Rascal out and then naturally 60-ish degrees feels warm after being outside in 12° (or lower) and wind but that perceived warmth fades fast.  I just want to be warm,  is that really too much to ask?  In winter I guess so…

(Yes I know, in a few months I will be bitching about summer being too hot and humid.  Shut up.  When it gets cold enough INSIDE your house that your teeth actually chatter and you shake with shivering,  I think complaining about the cold is justified.)


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