Melting Pot

New Year Randoms

I have been sick though nothing too serious. Really just a very unpleasant case of the sniffles compared to the illnesses making the rounds for others.

I am having some soup for supper tonight and the thought occurred to me that Lipton no longer makes Giggle Noodle soup. This is not new – they quit making it years ago. I feel bad for all the kids who will never know the joys of that soup. I still loved it even as an adult. Perhaps because of the moons and stars, and I have a major love affair (making the hearts a perfect fit as well) with all things relating to the night sky. Not that they will see it or care but Lipton, you guys really, really need to bring back Giggle Noodle soup. Not some new fangled, different version. Just the good ol’ original in all its glory.

I plan to watch the first installment of Galavant tonight. Hopefully it is as amusing as the previews have made it seem like it will be. But what the hell even if it sucks, seeing John Stamos dressed up like a “knight in shining armor” will make it worth the time spent watching. 😉

I am waiting eagerly for a delivery that is due tomorrow. Using birthday cash from my mom and an Amazon gift certificate from my sister for Christmas, I ordered something I have been wanting for a long time: an epilator. I did some research and read tons of reviews when selecting it and fully expect to be happy with it once it arrives. My mom also uses an epilator and she feels I will love it. My sister thinks we are both crazy and using an epilator is painful torture. Having used one before I can say that to me it is not painful. I am not saying it feels good or anything – it certainly doesn’t. But it also does not hurt. What does hurt is when I cut myself shaving. I recently ha a very, very bad cut from shaving (an experience best not relived) so am not eager to shave again. I have been minimizing the times I shave since then but I loathe being “furry”. I don’t like the time and mess involved in waxing. An epilator seems like an ideal solution. I will be reviewing it on the beauty blog after I have had it for a while.

Not feeling so hot and this post took forever to post as we had unexpected company so my posting was put to a halt for a couple hours while the company was here. It is now bed time as well so I guess I am off.

Until next time.


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