Melting Pot

Year End Randoms

Well 2014 is going out about like it has been all year: crappy.

My food processor has just died on me. Right after I realized I could make my favorite pizza dough recipe in it and save myself a little time and effort vs hand kneading the dough. Figures. I just used it to make some dough for dinner rolls and the process was almost complete. I just needed to let the machine “knead” the dough for two minutes. I turned away from it to set the timer and put a measuring cup in the sink. I smelled it overheating, turned around and saw a shocking amount of smoke billowing out from it. I called the dough done and unplugged the food processor.
I suppose the silver lining is now I don’t have to wash it after this final use, and it frees up a small bit of counter space. I am undecided if I will replace it. I have made my various bread doughs by hand for years. I have only recently been spoiled by using the food processor for it instead. It won’t kill me to go back to doing things the way grandma did.

I have a terrible headache and the smoking food processor fiasco so did not help it any. I have been emotional eating way too much lately and it needs to stop. My jeans have gotten snug, and I do not at all want to have to go back up a size again. I am not making any new years resolutions – those never stick anyway. But in general, I really need to find a way to stop this emotional eating I do (simply recognizing I do it makes no difference. I know when I am doing it but I still can’t stop myself.) and I need to start walking again. I don’t mean one or two miles a day either. I need to make time for 8-10 miles a day. No excuses, I need to just fucking do it. One or two miles is not going to be enough to help me take off the extra pounds. It has to be at least 8-10. If I do Leslie Sansone miles that means approximately two and a half hours, give or take a bit depending on the selected DVDs as some are a little slower while others are faster.

I don’t really have anything else to say right now. I am a bit distracted.

See you in 2015.

2014 – you suck. You will not be missed.


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