Melting Pot

Not Likely


This was among my Christmas gifts this year. It was a completely unexpected gift. I was expecting the person who gave me this to get me candles or pajamas as has been the case in the past. (No, neither of those are bad gifts in my opinion and I rather look forward to them.)

While I know it is highly unlikely, perhaps this gift – more specifically the name of the fragrance, Love & Luck – is a little sign that 2015 will finally be a year that doesn’t suck for me. Probably not. I am pessimistic by experience but the past couple of years have tried hard to be optimistic instead particularly for New Year’s, thinking perhaps my mindset when the new year comes can help set the tone for the year. That has not been the case. Far from it. So this year I will just go back to my usual pessimistic “everything is crap and that will never change” self, and I will likely be right. But… there is some semblance of an optimist deep inside that hopes maybe 2015 will indeed be a year of love and luck for me.

Oh. And for the record, yes I do happen to really like this fragrance. It is not one of my favorites, but I like it enough that receiving it as a gift is not a disappointment.


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