Melting Pot


I am thinking of doing an end of year Q&A (on the beauty blog but can post here as well if anyone would like me to) and that means… ask me anything! Send me your questions via email, in the comments on this post, on any of my social media accounts and I will answer in a post close to the end of the year. Any and all questions are welcome, but I reserve the right to pick and choose which ones get answered and am not obligated to answer questions I deem inappropriate or too personal to answer in a public space.

I may not make the post. It depends on if  actually get the questions to answer. I have trouble getting people to interact (it is a double edged sword, reader participation… so sometimes I hate this but other times I am grateful for it) so if I don’t get any/enough questions to make a moderately interesting post I will just scrap the idea.


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