Melting Pot

Get Ten Free Cards From Shutterfly

Shutterfly is my go-to source for prints, photo books and cards. I am never disappointed in the quality, and their prices are extremely fair. I have several large format prints of some of my favorite photos around the house and they are absolutely perfect.

When it comes to the other photo gifts they offer I can’t say if they are the same quality as I haven’t tried them other than a photo mug a few years ago that I honestly was not happy with. The photo turned out beautifully, it just didn’t last being hand washed and after just a couple weeks the mug ended up broken anyway.

But again, for prints, books, and cards – I absolutely recommend Shutterfly!

If you are new to Shutterfly, use my referral link below to sign up and you will get ten free* cards:

* – You will still have to pay taxes and shipping but this is a small amount.

This is NOT a sponsored post in any way. I just know a lot of folks like to send photo cards for the holidays these days and when I saw the referral gift is ten free cards, I thought some folks could put that to good use. And in the interest of full disclosure as part of the referral program once you have used my referral link to sign up and you have placed an order, I get a free gift too. (So yes there is a slightly selfish ulterior motive to sharing this today. lol)


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