Melting Pot


I am sick (again…sigh…) and lying in bed waiting for some night time formula meds to kick in and knock me out. So what could be more fun to pass the time than a post of randoms?

I haven’t heard from either of the most important people in my life in over a week. I know, life. They are just busy. I don’t expect to hear from them immediately when I contact them or or anything. I am not THAT immature and self centered. But still… it sucks. And knowing they each have had some less than pleasant stuff going on, even just a “Hey thanks for checking on me, I am still alive and will get back to you with a more in depth message asap” kind of response would be nice.

I’ve been feeling lonely so the lack of communication from those most important to me is not exactly helping. Again, I know… they are just busy and have other more important things to deal with than my emotionally needy codependent ass. But it still sucks to have to go a while without hearing from someone who means a lot to you.

I am pretty sure I have everyone’s Christmas gifts sorted out for this year, for those who I give gifts to. I need to double check my list to make sure I have not missed anyone but regardless the shopping should be done this week or next week. I am really going to try for this week. The closer Christmas gets, the less I want to go shopping. Too many (rude) people out and about and it makes me grumpy and sometimes just a bit homicidal. It is best for me to simply avoid it as much as possible.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I toss and turn all night and feel exhausted in the morning and throughout the day. I know what is on my mind that is causing such restless sleep, but there is nothing I can do about the situation. It is completely out of my hands – that fact alone gets under my skin like you wouldn’t believe – so I have to just accept the way things are. I am not happy with that but oh well. Nobody ever said life was fair, right?

And with that happy little thought I bid you a nyquil induced goodnight. Well… I can’t promise anything about the “good” part but it is night, at the time I am writing this. xoxo


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