Melting Pot

Back On The Wagon

I have been an emotional eating couch potato for longer than I care to admit. I had gotten myself into the habit of regular exercise and stuck with it long enough to lose roughly 40 pounds. But then stuff happened, I got stressed and depressed and did what I always do: I comforted myself with food. And I got lazy.

Some of that lost weight has come back though thankfully not much of it. Not enough to need larger clothing again. Enough to make some of the current items snug though.

So I am pulling myself back onto the wagon. As of today, I have done two days in a row of exercise.

I am going to do things differently this time around. I’ve been down this road so many times, always taking the same approach… and always ending up right back where I started. It is time to take a different approach.

This time around, I will NOT step on a scale or wrap a tape measure around myself. I will NOT count calories. I will NOT set any goals of any sort in terms of weight or pant/dress size.

Before anyone screeches at me about how any of those are necessary to lose weight (especially the calorie counting) let me repeat myself: I have traveled this road before, many times. I have done those things before. They leave me feeling hungry, frustrated, and miserable.

This time around my approach will be much simpler: just make a conscious effort every day to make healthier food choices, without necessarily eliminating my favorite “bad” foods but be careful about portion control and “all things in moderation”, and make sure I am exercising regularly. I will gauge my results by how I feel – not by what the scale, tape measure, or clothing tags say.

I have too many reasons to be back on the wagon and not enough to justify staying off it any longer.


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