Melting Pot

My Little Delinquent

Oldest niece is stirring up trouble for herself. Again.

I do not know all the details but even if I did I would not post them here. What little I have been filled in on though I have to say is honestly not that big of a deal to me. And absolutely not something either of her parents have any real right to be too hard on her for cause they did it too and at about the same age she is now. Things get blown out of proportion where she is concerned (took me a while to learn this and to not freak out when I am informed of the latest drama but it is a lesson I finally learned) so I have my doubts about just how bad it really is and again with what I know about it all I can really say is so what?

I admit that when niece and I started following each other on Instagram I was initially a bit surprised at the things she and her friends say to each other in the comments there. But then I stepped back and really thought about it. At the same age, my friends and I were like that with each other. The difference was we actually spoke the words rather than typing them up on a public space for all to see the evidence of our tactless teen mentality.

All things considered she is a totally normal kid, doing the same stuff other kids tend to do at her age. I did a lot of what she is doing now. So did both of her parents. Yes, she does some things I wish she wouldn’t and that I never did (her parents are a different story)… but generally speaking, she is not a trouble child like some would like to believe. She is normal. She just has the unfortunate luck of being caught more than most are, and of having a home life where hypocrisy runs rampant. Her relationship with her mother is more like sisters than parent and child. That is to say they love each other and have times they get along but they also fight a lot and when they fight oh boy do they fight. They like to push each other’s buttons. The real problem is the mutual lack of respect between them.

But hey, I am just the aunt, I have no kids so what do I know right.

Bottom line: she is much more normal than people want to think for some reason, and they have her convinced she is ugly things when in truth she is beautiful. She just needs to be surrounded with light and love to see her own potential, to see the truth of who she is and that there is nothing wrong with her. She isn’t old enough to understand this or to remove herself from the toxic environments (home/school) she lives in right now. Hopefully things can take a more positive route for her sooner rather than later. No matter what, she will have her aunty who loves her dearly cheering her on from the sidelines, ready to step in if it becomes truly necessary but holding back and giving her space to learn and grow and be her own person for most of her journey. She has to fall and make mistakes. She has to be hurt sometimes. It sucks but that is how we learn. I will always be there to help her pick the pieces up and put them back together so she can keep moving and growing.


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