Melting Pot

Wish Lists & Rambles

There are only a couple people who buy me birthday/Christmas gifts each year. And that is fine – I don’t expect them from anybody and appreciate those few gifts that I do get. It would be nice if those people paid attention to me to actually get me something I will really like, though. Don’t misunderstand me – I was raised to be grateful for any gifts someone is kind enough to give me and to show appreciation even if it is not necessarily something I really like. (This is either being raised properly or being raised to be a liar, depending in your point of view.)

It doesn’t matter what is inside the pretty paper – I am grateful for it. But this doesn’t stop me from wishing people paid some amount of attention to who I am and what I do and do not like. On the one hand, because of how I was raised, I smile and say thank you and find something nice to say about it. But on the other hand… people like to give repeat gifts. If they give you a candle shaped like a llama and you seem to like it, all they will ever get you from that point on is llama related stuff. Even if you really don’t like llamas.

Enter wish lists, made easier than ever thanks to the internet. Pretty much every retail web site has a wish list feature to add items they sell to your wish list so people know exactly what to get for you.

Ah. But here is my dilemma… I give the couple folks who buy me gifts a link to my wish list. Which by the way I must note I tend to make short and sweet and I include only things that are reasonably priced. (So that Kitchen Aid stand mixer I have wanted forever and that new camera I practically drool over are never present, as they are far too expensive.) And yet… nobody uses the fucking list. I still get clothes that don’t fit, bath sets with fragrances I do not like, and costume jewelry that makes me look like an alien with poison ivy.

There is only one thing I really, truly want this year anyway, and it can’t be put on a web site wish list. But I know I won’t get it. The same way I know I won’t get any of the items on my Amazon wish list. I don’t know why I make the list when I know nobody is even going to use it. Besides this one thing I want most and the handful of materialistic things, the only other thing that would be nice this year is some money with which to buy myself some desperately needed new bras. But considering the size I need, to get just two would take about $100. Hell some of the ones I looked at that I liked were over $100 just for one. Which means no way will I EVER own those ones. Nope. I have to find the cheapest bras possible and for my size that means no less than $40 a piece. On a good day. Oh, I miss the days before I had finished developing and could still buy $15 bras at K Mart and Wal Mart. *sigh* It ain’t cheap to be generously endowed. Thank you genetics. -_-

And now to the rambles portion of the post. Not that the above didn’t contain some rambling too.

I need to find more airbrush jars. My kit only came with one and the store where it was purchased does not sell jars separately from the kits. Which makes zero sense to me but whatever. I also need to find an adapter to be able to use the other gun – which uses a smaller hose – with the compressor. I have six jars for that gun. They are different types of guns, hence I can’t use those jars with the other gun.

I am much too tired to continue writing. Yet instinctively I just know once I lie down, sleep will refuse to come. Yay insomnia.


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