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The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani with Susie Heller & Steve Siegelman


Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I already have a favorite recipe for pizza crust and of course my favorite toppings that I rarely stray from. But I just knew this book was worth having to expand on my pizza making skills.

I was already somewhat familiar with the author, Tony Gemignani, from his appearances on Food Network back in the days of Food Network Challenge. So I knew his personality and what sort of humor to expect to be infused into the book. His inclusion of his “Ten Commandments of Pizza” is a great example of his down to earth, fun personality.

There is a lot of great information included about basics of making pizza at home, from all the best equipment (like pizza stones and peels) to tips on learning to throw the dough without just dropping it on the floor.

The recipes included really showcase the versatility of pizza, from numerous kinds of crust to toppings you may not have ever thought of yourself. There are even recipes for mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. There are also a few non-pizza recipes, including a couple cocktails.

There are some great color photos throughout the book. It is a durable hard cover book with sturdy glossy pages.

This is an excellent book. I would absolutely recommend it to home cooks who love pizza, from those who have never made homemade pizza to those who have tried and true recipes but would like to try something new.

Click here to learn more about the book, or click here if you want to know more about Tony Gemignani.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.


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