Melting Pot

I Need to Stop…

I really should not even attempt to socialize. Ever. It tends to leave me feeling like I could choke somebody for their stupidity and/or rudeness.

Case in point:


So where exactly was I “making excuses”? This persons comment was made in response (though not via “reply” to be a full thread) to someone else’s comment saying if you are going to start drinking a gallon of water a day you better also plan to park your butt on the toilet. (These comments are all on a link to an article about benefits of drinking a gallon of water each day.)

I did not mention my own water drinking habits. I did not say I do not or would not drink a lot of water based on the need to use the restroom more often. All I did was point out the obvious since apparently some people have short memories and little to nothing in the way of common sense.

For whatever it is worth I DO happen to drink about a gallon of water a day on average, sometimes less and sometimes more. And you know what, “excuses” or not, some people legitimately could not just suddenly start drinking that much water when they are used to only drinking a glass or two because of their jobs. Not all jobs allow a person to get up and leave their post every fifteen minutes to go to the bathroom. Or you know, maybe they have young kids who require as close to constant supervision as possible. But yeah, work and parenting are “any excuse” to not just start drinking a ton more water than you are used to and need the restroom very frequently till your body adjusts.

Thank you to Richelle for getting it.
And because I am sure it will come up, I did not edit the screenshot to remove names or photos “for privacy” because these comments are on a PUBLIC Facebook page – thus there is no privacy of which to speak.

That and I am in a mood and feel like being a bitch. But also do not feel like being in a stupid comment war with a moron, hence this post to vent my frustrations.

People are stupid. I wish I never had to deal with them.


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