Melting Pot


I figured I would use a different title than the usual “randoms” just to switch things up and be crazy and unpredictable. Cause I’m wild like that.

Geraniums are annuals in my gardening zone, though they are perennials in warmer zones. This makes me sad because I so adore the red velvet geranium I got this summer. My grandma had a way to save them from year to year though so I am attempting it. We have not had our first frost yet but a couple of weeks ago it got close to cold enough to frost, so that was the day I prepped the geranium for winter. I admit I am scared I may have killed it given I really had no idea what I was doing. But then had I done nothing the cold would kill it off anyway so I may as well try it out right? In the process of doing that I also replanted just one piece of it with some rooting powder to attempt to get a second plant out of it. Probably entirely the wrong time of year to do it but I just didn’t think of it before and was not sure if it would even work or not. For now the replanted stem is doing well so I can only assume it is taking root. I will update on this plant as well as the winterized plant next spring once I know whether or not the plants survived.

It has been my experience that, generally speaking, people who most loudly proclaim their open-mindedness and all-encompassing acceptance tend to be the most closed-minded, judgmental, rude people who employ passive aggressive methods of trying to get people to agree with them rather than respecting differing opinions. Acceptance of only those who agree with you is NOT acceptance.

Rascal cracks me up. Yesterday, the neighbor across the street set out one new Halloween decoration in his yard. (A tombstone.) In the evening when I took Rascal out the first time after he set that out, she immediately spotted it and started growling and barking. She growled and barked at it periodically throughout the evening when she could see it through the front door and on our subsequent outings. It was both amusing and reassuring. Amusing for the obvious reasons and reassuring because I know she is observant and notices when something is out of the ordinary.

I think I have a little bit of a problem. I already have my dad’s next birthday cake planned. His birthday is seven months away. I can’t help it. I have had cake on the brain thinking over details and the shopping list for the cake I intend to make for Halloween but I could not remain focused solely on that. Other cake ideas came to me in the process. One of which being what I can’t help but think is a quite perfect birthday cake for my dad. It will involve revisiting my first ever “serious” cake that I spent hours and hours on then could not bring myself to cut into it once all was said and done. I have learned so much since then, and I know I can do far better with it this time around. Hell I might decide to make it for him for Christmas just to get to do it sooner, I am that excited by the idea!

I keep making boo boos with the shawl I am working on. It is a ridiculously simple pattern. I think I am just miscounting on occasion. Knock on wood so far I have been able to easily fix the errors when I come across them or at least just fudge it without throwing off the design. It is one where a goof that is fudged instead of properly fixed has very real potential to totally screw up the flow of the pattern. I am not yet half way done but am happy with it so far.

I had been supposed to help a neighbor with something today but she is about three hours late and it is dark now anyway so whatever. Honestly I didn’t want to do it anyway so this is a fortunate thing for me.

My sister rekindled an idea I had briefly considered in the past. I think I might go for it. Details in the future.

I suppose that is enough of my rambling for one post. Hope y’all have a good weekend. xoxo


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