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A First Look at Wilton’s 2015 Sweet Ideas Calendar


A fee weeks ago, I received a letter in the mail from Wilton about their new Sweet Ideas calendar. I am not sure exactly how they chose who to send these to from their customer list but those who received the letter were invited to get an early look at the calendar. This is a first ever from Wilton – think of it as a first edition of a magazine. The company has not put out a calendar like this before.

Being the cake decorating hobbyist and Wilton product fan that I am, I had to have this calendar!

The calendar itself is your standard wall calendar, with full color photos for each month. It includes the national US holidays, but also notes the various celebratory days for baked goods: national pie day, national ice cream sandwich day etc. (I personally do not consider these holidays. You are free to disagree but you will not change my mind.) Given the fact that over recent years people like to bake to celebrate these days, this inclusion is nice so people can know when those days are coming up.

What really makes this calendar unique as compared to other recipe calendars is that the recipes for the treats shown each month are not simply printed on the calendar or even on recipe cards. There is also an instruction book that comes with the calendar. This book is also printed in full color, and has the recipes in order from January to December. The book includes all the templates you will need and it also includes some beginner instruction and advice on techniques used for the included recipes and decorating in general. There is information regarding icing consistency, how to fill and hold piping bags, stacking cakes, how to ice cookies, molding candies etc.

The calendar also comes with a product list that outlines all of the Wilton products used for the treats shown in the calendar, from the baking pans to the pre-made icings and fondant.

Those who got an early copy of the calendar also got ten full color recipe cards. Obviously I have no way of knowing if everyone got the same cards or not. Of those I got, most were recipes I did not previously have and they look tasty. I am happy to add them to my recipe box.


Overall I am very impressed with the 2015 Sweet Ideas calendar. There are some gorgeous, advanced designs as well as simpler (but still lovely) designs perfect for beginners to decorating. I am particularly drawn to the gingerbread cottages featured for December (which I just might make for Christmas this year), and the Winter Perch cake for January!

If you are at all interested in cake decorating, I would absolutely recommend picking up this calendar ($24.95*) once it is made available! I did not see any notes anywhere on exactly when/where this calendar will be made available, I would suggest keeping an eye on the Wilton web site and/or their social media pages to find out when and where you can get yours.

* As part of the offer to preview this calendar, I got it at a discounted price.


3 thoughts on “A First Look at Wilton’s 2015 Sweet Ideas Calendar

    1. Hi Trish,

      I don’t know if the 2016 calendar is still available this late in the year. I would recommend visiting the Wilton web site ( and contacting them via one of the contact methods listed on their site to inquire about the availability of the calendar. Good luck!

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