Melting Pot


I got the shipment notice recently for my next book from Blogging For Books. I haven’t gotten a notification from UPS to expect delivery yet though but I imagine that email should be coming through soon. I have to admit I selected the book I did mostly because I think it will make a good birthday or Christmas gift for the oldest niece. Y’all will see what it is soon enough. 🙂

Sweater weather is officially here, and has been for the past couple of weeks. Just a pity I have no sweaters to wear anymore. My wardrobe is quite sad. And primarily warm weather items. I should really try to remedy that a bit. I am not exactly a “fashionista” so it shouldn’t be too difficult to add some good cold weather items to round out my scrappy little closet. A couple new pairs of jeans, some sweaters, a long sleeved tee or two, and a few sweatshirts and I will be happy.

I need to get new bedding before new clothes. I will be inheriting my neighbor’s bed when she gets a new one in the next couple of weeks and the bed I will be inheriting is bigger than my current bed. Which means shopping for new sheets and a quilt or comforter. Which makes me genuinely excited. I love getting new bedding! I have had purples on the current bed for quite some time and while purple is my favorite color I have seen some teal bedding recently that is beautiful that I may opt for instead of sticking with the purples. I also saw grey bedding that was exceptionally lovely that is being considered. There is an excellent chance the new bed will be treated to both teal and grey bedding. One set at a time of course, buying two sets in one trip is not a possibility. Well, unless I can find some super good bargains, which I will try to do. 🙂

So far I am very happy with the new phone from Cricket. The camera on it kind of sucks but other than that knock on wood it works well.

I have about a hundred things to do today and do not feel up to doing any of it. I will try to tackle at least a couple things on the to do list but I can guarantee right now most of it ain’t happening.


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