Melting Pot

Bucket List Must Do

Everyone has a “bucket list” – things you want to do before your life is over. You may not have written it down as some like to do but it is in your head.

Everyone has their own approach to their bucket list. Some have a short list of things that ought to be easy enough to cross off, or a short list of challenging goals they may never reach. Some like to have huge lists with a variety of things. The thing about a bucket list is there do not have to be rules. You are free to change things on your list as what you want from life changes.

My own bucket list is, and always has been, fairly short and simple. I have managed to cross a couple things off it, some things have been written off as I have grown and changed, other things have been added etc.

There is one thing on my list I want to be able to cross off more than anything. The one absolute must find a way to do it item on my bucket list is a relatively new addition, something I decided on a couple years ago and based on recent conversations (and with recent issues taken into consideration) it has climbed up to the top. I want to take my dad to the beach.

My dad travelled a lot in his youth and as a young adult. My family took a lot of big trips before my existence. My dad has seen a lot of this country and did a fair amount of traveling in Canada as well. He has seen the mountains and the prairies, the rolling hills and deserts… but he has never seen the ocean. And I want to make that happen for him. I want to give him that experience. I have no idea how to make it happen, I just know that I have to make it happen. I have to. If I never cross anything else off my list… this is the one thing that I HAVE to make happen.


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